How it works

Step 1

Choose from an extensive range of templates

We have a wide range of ready-made templates - select one that suits you and it can be applied to the site right away. You can even switch your site's template free of charge at any time, without losing any of your existing web pages.
If your needs are more exacting we have designers who can build a bespoke template for your exact requirements. 


Step 2

Pick page types and titles to suit your needs.

Once you have chosen a template, then create your pages.
Our system automatically controls and updates your site menus, meaning pages can be added, removed, renamed or re-ordered at any time with a minimum of hassle.


Step 3

Add content to your site.

Putting content into your site is easy, edit your church web pages effortlessly, like using a word-processor.

The editor has all the standard functions you would expect, including font formatting, creating tables and importing images. You can also upload documents for your visitors to download. The system makes everything simple, leaving you to focus on what to say. All this is done with your web browser - no special software to be installed.

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